Hosted by M.P. Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association

December 26, 2017: Workshops

Pelvi-Acetabullar Trauma

Tmie Topic
8:00am -9:00am  Registration
09 mins Emergency Management of Pelvic Fractures
09 mins Biomechanics of Pelvic Fixation
09 mins Anterior Ring Fixation
09 mins Posterior Ring Fixation - Anterior and Posterior
09 mins Sacral Fractures 
09 mins Acute and Delayed Complications 
50 mins Saw bone Workshop - Supra-acetabular and Iliac External Fixators
30 mins Coffee Break
10 mins Anatomy, Classification and Radiology
20 mins Case discussion session - panelists speaker plus one moderator
40 mins  Lunch
  Surgical Approaches - Video Session
09 mins Kocher Langenbeck Approach with and without GT Osteotomy
09 mins Ilio-Inguinal Approach
09 mins Stoppa's approach 
09 mins Ilio-femoral approach
09 mins Safe surgical Dislocation of the Hip
09 mins Posterior wall and Posterior Column fractures
09 mins Anterior wall and Anterior Column fractures
09 mins Transverse and T- fractures
09 mins Anterior plus Posterior Hemitransverse fracture and bicolumnar fractures
09 mins Lag Screw fixation in Acetabular fractures
30 mins Case Discussion - all speakers plus one moderator
09 mins Late presenting Acetabular fracture
09 mins Geriatric Acetabular fractures
09 mins Combined Pelvic and Acetabular fracture
09 mins THR in fracture acetabulum
15 mins Valedictory function and Coffee break