Preview of the Scientific Program of ISNACC2018

We are privileged and proud to host the ISNACC 2018 in this "maximum city" Mumbai. Mumbai has always been a hub of academic and clinical excellence in medicine and now more so in Neuroanaesthesia and Neuro-Critical Care, courtesy our young dynamic professionals. Our theme for this year is "Integrating Technologies: Enhancing Outcomes". The scope of emerging technologies is vast and the pace is breath-taking.

Neuroscience is one such field where lot of research and clinical work is being done not only to monitor but aid the treatment of the neurological and neurosurgical patients. The scientific committee is working hard to prepare an exciting scientific program which would provide a perfect blend of advances in clinical research and technology, updated lectures, controversies and debates, apart from other interesting free presentations. The confirmed international faculty comprises of luminaries such as: Abhijit Lele, Adrian Gelb, Anthony Figaji, Antoun Koht, Arunkumar Gupta, Deepak Sharma, Irene Osborn, Lashmi Venkatraghvan, Martin Smith, Michel Torbey, Paul Garcia, Sandeep Lakhani, Shaheen Shaikh, Shobana Rajan and Sudhindra Kulkarni.

Along with them, experts from the Indian diaspora of Neuroanaesthesia & Neuro Critical care will deliberate on varied topics of interests like Basic Sciences related to Neuroanaesthesia, Advances in Airway & Ventilation, Role of GABA antagonists, Brain Relaxation, Neuroprotection Update, Novel Anticoagulants, Enhanced recovery protocols in Neurosurgery, Anaesthetics extremes of age, Depth of Anaesthesia, Acute Ischaemic Stroke & its management, ICU care of SAH, Delirium in ICU, Brain Stress, Game Changers In Neurosciences & so on. The SNACC will address Advance in Technology for improving Perioperative outcome.

We also have an International Symposium on Neurotrauma which will address all aspects of Neurotrauma including the burden of the disease ICU care of TBI & will discuss the BTF guidelines in details. Many more interesting topics will be showcased. We aim to give more exposure in the form of platform presentations for the deserving abstracts we receive. Certainly we will live up to the high standards set up by the ISNACC in the last 18 years. We request for more abstracts & we will do them justice.

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