Hosted by M.P. Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association

December 31, 2017

08.00 - 08.30 AM FREE PAPER
Chairpersons: Pradip Srivastava & Anand Ajmera
08.00 - 08.08 AM Intra-articular platelet rich plasma is superior to steroid in knee osteoarthritis - A comparative randomized study: Ram Sagar Pandit (New Delhi)
08.09 - 08.17 AM Ultrasonographic evaluation of Achilis Tendon Healing after Percutaneous Tenotomy for the correction of congenital Club foot by Ponseti Method: Ashutosh Kumar (Jhansi)
08.18 - 08.26 AM Sequentil Soft Tissue Release & Unconstrained TKA Implants in Severe varus Deformity - Prospective Study in 75 Knees: Venu Madhav (Bengaluru)
Convenor: Amit Ajgaonkar (Mumbai)
08.30 - 08.36 AM Proximal humerus - Does porosity change the method of fixation: D. D. Tanna (Mumbai)
08.36 - 08.42 AM Proximal femur fracture pattern and fixation tips: K. D. Tripathi (Allahabad)
08.42 - 08.48 AM Insufficiency fracture - Treatment and outcome: Shantaram Shetty (Manglore)
08.48 - 08.54 AM Vertebral fracture - Treatment dictum, indications for surgery: R. H. Govardhan (Chennai)
08.54 - 09.02 AM Nonunions in Osteoporosis, treatment tips: Swarnendu Samanta (Kolkata)
09.02 - 09.30 AM Case Presentations by: K. J. Reddy, P. N. Vasudevan, Amit Ajgaonkar
Convenor: Satish Vyas
09.30 - 09.40 AM Pedicle Flaps in Lower Extremity: Satish Vyas (USA)
09.40 - 09.50 AM Free flaps In Upper & Lower Extremity: Sanjay Kucheria (Indore)
09.50 - 10.00 AM Flaps in Upper Extremity: Prakash Chhajlani (Indore)
10.00 - 10.15 AM Discussion
10.15 - 10.30 AM Panel Discussion on Wound Management
10.30 - 10.45 AM GUEST LECTURE
Chairpersons: K. D. Tripathi & Pramod Neema
Role of USG in club foot: Sourabh Agarwal (Jhansi)
10.45 - 11.00 AM GUEST LECTURE
Chairpersons: K. D. Tripathi & Pramod Neema
Principle of illizarov hip reconstruction: Altaf Ahmad Kawoosa (Srinagar)
12.00 - 03.00 PM FREE PAPER
Chairpersons: Jignesh Pandya & Asim Negi
12.00 - 12.08 PM Functional outcome of surgical management of scaphoid non unions: Utkarsh Goyal (Indore)
12.09 - 12.17 PM Fractures and associated Nerve injuries to the upper limb: J. Terrence Jose Jerome (Trichi)
12.18 - 12.26 PM Management of perilunate dislocations and perilunate fracture dislocations: Varun Jayantilal Shrimal (Indore)
12.27 - 12.35 PM Miniopen versus Arthroscopic TFCC Repair – Results: Bharathk Kadadi (Bengaluru)
12.36 - 12.44 PM Assessment of outcome of Total Hip Arthroplasty after failed infected priarticular fractures of hip: Ashish Anilrao Desai (Miraj)
12.45 - 12.53 PM Evaluation of Outcome of Proximal Femur Locking Compression Plate (PFLCP) in Unstable Proximal Femur Fractures: Chirag Sunil Kapoor (Vadodara)
12.54 - 01.02 PM A Comparison of proximal femoral nail antirotation and dynamic hip screw devices in proximal femur fractures: Divyansh Sharma (Udaipur)
01.03 - 01.11 PM Quality of life assessment after surgical treatment of periprosthetic femur fractures after hip arthroplasty - Single center series: Ankita Vijay Bansal (Pune)
01.12 - 01.20 PM Study of Pauwel's valgus osteotomy in neglected fracture neck of femur: Qamrul Hoda (Patna)
01.21 - 01.29 PM Evaluation of patient specific acetabular jig for cup placement in total hip arthroplasty: Abhishek Mishra (New Delhi)
01.30 - 01.38 PM Is PFNA-II a better implant for stable intertrochanteric fractures in elderly - A prospective randomized trial: Navin Kumar Singh (New Delhi)
01.39 - 01.47 PM Treatment of displaced femoral neck fractures in the independent elderly managed with total hip arthroplasty: Vaibhav Goyal (Miraj)
01.48 - 01.56 PM THR in Acetabular deficiency Follow up of 30 cases: Sanjay Kumar (Kolkata)
01.57 - 02.05 PM A Prospective Study of Surgical Management of Commnuted Inter-Trochantric Fractures of Femur by using Cemented Bipolar Prosthesis in Elderly Patients: Lalit Kumar Joon (Kalaburgi)
02.06 - 02.14 PM A Study to assess the result of navigation system for the Alignment and Orientation of the components in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Murtuza Rassiwala (Indore)
02.15- 02.23 PM Innovation in Orthopaedics: Virtual surgical planning and 3D printing: Tarun Verma (New Delhi)
02.24 - 02.32 PM OPS (Optimized Positioning System) Patient Specific Hip Replacement. Our Experience of 134 hips: Asgar Ali (Coventry)
02.33 - 02.41 PM MIS THR using anterolateral approach - Early functional and radiological outcomes in an Indian tertiary care hospital: Sanjeev Patnaik, Bhubaneshwar
02.42 - 02.50 PM Fat Pad Excision in Total Knee Arthroplasty does not affect Functional Outcome or Anterior Knee Pain at 1 year Follow-up: Nithin Krishna Vadlamudi Purushotham (Bengaluru)
02.51 - 02.59 PM Is Standard Recommendation for Antibiotics Prophylaxes Valid for developing world like India?: Amiyakumar Bera (Behrampore)