Hosted by M.P. Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association

December 26, 2017: Workshops


Date 26th December, 2017
Venue Brilliant Convention Centre, IndoreĀ 
Convenor Rajesh Malhotra, New Delhi
Co-Convenor Vishwas Sharma, Jablapur
Co-ordinator Prakash Bangani, Indore

Time Topic Faculty
9:00-9:05 AM Introduction to the workshop R. Malhotra
9:05-9:15 AM Choosing the right patient for TKA - Indications, contraindications, Factors deciding choice, preoperative evaluation Pradeep Sharma
9:15-9:25 AM Choosing the right implant constraint {CR, PS, CCK, Hinge}, Tibia -
Symmetric/Asymmetric, High Flex/ Gender specific/Newer Generation Implants
9:25-9:35 AM Choosing the Right Approach - Videos of different approaches with details, Pros & Cons Hemant Wakankar
9:35-9:45 AM Bony cuts in TKA (Video) with explanation Deepak Gautam
9:45-9:55 AM Varus correction (Video only) Mahesh Kulkarni
9.55-10:05 AM Valgus correction (Video only) Hemant Wakankar
10:05-10:15 AM Flexion deformity correction (Video only) R. Malhotra
10:15-10.25 AM Cementing technique in TKA (Video only) Shekhar Aggarwal
10.25-10.35 AM Management of Bone Defect in Primary TKA Prakash Bangani
10:35-10:45 AM Wound closure Techniques (Video only) R. Malhotra
10:45-10:55 AM Rehabilitation following TKA Sunil Rajan
10:55-11:10 AM Complication - Anticipate, Avoid, Address Shekhar Aggarwal
11:10-11:40 Q&A / Discussion
11:40-1:10 Saw Bone Exercise